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We provide turntable Veneering & custom plinth manufactoring.

We provide turntable Veneering & custom plinth manufactoring.

Our custom veneering & plinth manufacturing comes in two varieties with many types of veneers, stains, and finishes. 

1) Showroom quality finish

2) Vintage well preserved finish

Our showroom look is ideal for those wanting a glass type look with their choice of exotic veneer or stain, finished with 5 coats of hot laquer! 

Our well preserved vintage look is ideal for those wanting raw wood veneer with their choice of tree used and finish applied. 

We believe that we have the best prices and service available on today's market! 

$199.99 is all we charge to veneer a turntable if the customer removes the mechanisms.  However if you are not able to we have a turntable technician with 40+ years experience on staff to remove/reinstall your parts and clean them too! This service cost an additional $225.00 But is worth it if your turntable is at the age when it needs lubrication and a tuneup.  

Custom Plinth Manufacturing: Our finishing carpenter accepts, "exacting standards", orders with every plinth built how you want! Together our turntable technician, finishing carpenter, and veneer specialist will make your dreams come true!  Ask about our matching turntable & speaker combination. It's a real conversation piece. 

Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of raw veneer and the large amount of choices for stain, veneer, and finish, these services can not be made automatic and must be manually inputted.  Therefore get started here!


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