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Turntable Veneers

Three things to add with the exotic look...

1) A great clean looking dustcover.

2) A Personalized Platter.

3) A chrome spindle weight.

Lets face it. Any piece of furniture that"s exotic looking is also a conversation piece!

We help that conversation grow by providing details on the type of wood used,

where the tree originated, including a brief summary on the history of the tree.


There is nothing like a turntable with a clear, clean, scratch free dustcover! It more than

proves to your family, friends, & guests that you take pride in your belongings. And when

anything is clean & scratch free, people also tend to be more careful around it.

Personalized Platters

Ideal to bring memories back of that most favorable time. Whether it's a parent, spouse, Boyfriend, girlfriend, or a pet. Keep those memories rolling while your turntable is spinning!

Weight Stabilizers

These tend to come in red, black, silver, and chrome. Theyre perfect for stabilizing records while choosing the proper color can really compliment your new exotic veneer finish.

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